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"AseSTANTE", born from the idea of getting away from the space recognized only as a showroom, in its standard form of operation
and dynamic exhibition, presents itself as a place where there are lot of possibilities of connection with all the other areas related to Fashion world.
"AseSTANTE" oers to the companies, to the designer, a meeting place, not only with the exhibition area and commercial, but
with a support sta that usually go externally searched for.
Within "AseSTANTE", is a stripped environment from the rules of pure sales, (Seller VS Customer) then tries to give a more appealing
"House", more "meeting point" where Companies and Designers can talk to each other .
Where the customer can directly approach the Company or Designer and all the way around them.
"AseSTANTE" is dened with a new way of presenting, support, accompany the companies and the young designer into their
world of belonging.


AseSTANTE" supports in branding and outbuildings elds: Business Strategies, Networks Creations Sale, Sale campaigns,
photographic services , Press Day, PR, support the production of cultured.Positioning, communication, design and construction exhibition
spaces, with the requirements of the Companies or Designer
The location of "AseSTANTE" can be personalized with the image that
the Company or Designer will want to accomplish.

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