VFTS is the new concept brand founded by the sneaker designer Marco Simonetti and the footwear entrepreneur Ronny Bigioni.

Our common background in the footwear industry, with a growing appetite for innovation plus an interest in street culture and communities have resulted in VFTS 1ST ISSUE.

“We have known each other since we started collaborating on some fashion brands’ footwear collections,” says Ronny Bigioni. “Working together we had a common background and the same attitude towards creating and crafting products” adds Marco Simonetti.

“We have been cultivating for a while now the idea of making something together, as business partners and then the idea came to me of creating an eclectic design for a sneaker, that could merge together the best features of the most iconic kicks I loved from the last few years and so, in a very easy way, VFTS was born.”

VFTS stands for Voices From The Street and aims to represent the mission of a brand that aspires to reflect the wants, desires and needs of artists, creative people, innovators and street explorers who together found their roots in the urban field.

Listening to these “voices” the two founders have created the “1ST”, an incredible kick that merges together the multiple features of some of the most iconic sneakers of the last decade.

In this sense VFTS is giving back to the street the experience it was asking for, through a project that will proceed, season upon season, launching new kicks in a very unconventional way.