Hyusto is a high-end italian brand, in the the Marche region.

The name Hyusto means "cool" in our slang, therefore our name boldly and overtly implies that coolness is our core business.

The versatility of Hyusto is the answer to the sneakers mania which is leading the streets in these times.

Our products must put their owner at ease in every possible situation, from a gala dinner to a table football match at the local cafè.

This is why our style mission is to go beyond the sneaker look with staple items that are equally iconic, functional and timeless such as the loafer, one shoe every man and woman should own.

Its construction - born on the prairies as the footwear of choice of native americans and evolved into a must-have for ivy league students in the 30s - is a sublime concentrate of elegance and ease. These two words represent the beacon that guide us in reinterpreting this icon with a subversive approach.

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